Margaret Rose

The Reviews Are In

Margaret Rose
The Reviews Are In

“This is definitely a must-see!” reports Bev Sykes of the Davis Enterprise, as performances continue through May 14 in Sacramento. 

“STC deserves recognition for taking on such a difficult, worthy project,” declares Marcus Crowder of the Sacramento Bee, as he praises the “beautiful music … lovely score.” 

The Sacramento News & Review gives the show FOUR STARS, and Jeff Hudson of CapRadio claims, "This score is better than most new musicals," reports of the “uplifting finale” and sums up his review with, “You should go and check it out yourself!"

Just as rewarding as the critics’ praise is the response from individual audience members on social media:

“A powerful, moving story, and so well done! Bravo to all cast members, writers, directors, musicians & crew!”… Connie Williams-Campbell

“Watched the final preview this afternoon and was so moved by the way this tragic story was told. Congratulations on making such a touching piece of theatrical art.”  … Karen Jackson-Fox

“We saw this amazing production last night! Such a wonderful telling of this story of the indomitable American spirit in bold sweeping song with brilliant voices! A must see production!”  … Foster McManus 

“Saw the preview this week and loved it!”  … Geralyn Broder Murray 

“Saw this on Opening night. Oh my goodness... it was amazing!!!”  … Annette Serrano-Korn 

“We saw this today. Superb cast. An excellently presented slice of California history. Deeply moving performances. Well worth seeing.”  … Ken Sullivan 

“It was amazing! To tackle such a tragic piece of history so compassionately was a thing of beauty.”  … Leona Allen 

“Excellent show! Well done!”  … Kathy Williams Milan 

“…great music and an excellent cast. Go see it if you can. The show runs through May 14 so get your tickets, you won't be sorry.”  … Allen Schmeltz

“Saw the show last night and enjoyed it very much. Some really great music and such a great cast.”  … Richard Spierto 

“Amazingly talented cast. A great evening.”  … Janet Frye

“Don't miss "The Donner Party" great voices, wonderful all around.” … Buz Minow 

 Get your tickets now and be sure to add your comments to the show’s Facebook Page (@DonnerPartyMusical).

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And special thanks to Teddy Holtry Grijalva for the observation:

“Hey, if the Mormons can get their own musical, why NOT?”