Their journey brought them fame. But they have more to tell.


On their way to new lives in California, sixteen travelers choose the wrong turn. Their choice delays their dreams and strands them in the icy mountains for months without food, where death will only be escaped by the most forbidden act. Meet Your Mountain honors the memory of the real life Donner Party by telling their story with respect for those who lived it; a story filled with ambition, murder, and loss, but nevertheless brimming with life-affirming inspiration and hope for us all.

Who were those pioneers, and what is their story? 


In such a depressing story, is there any hope? Is there anything joyful to sing about? 

How would such a dramatic musical play on stage, in front of a paying audience?

What was the process of developing this daring new musical for the stage? What’s the latest news?


How could such a dark and gruesome tale be the subject of a musical?!  Who would find inspiration in the story of the Donner Party?